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Combining agriculture and solar energy

Agrivolatism is the result of the synergy between an agricultural operation and a photovoltaic power station. The installation is designed around and for the agricultural operation.

Since 2008, Photosol has developed its expertise in agrivoltaics in conjunction with sheep farming. Thanks to our expertise, we are now able to adapt our solutions to projects related to all agricultural sectors, such as:

  • Market gardening or the production of fruit and vegetables outdoors
  • Chicken farming, fattened ducks, cattle farming
  • Production of herbs, raspberries and grapevines
  • The production of hay and grain.
What is agrivoltaism? | Photosol

Immediate agricultural benefits

  • Year-round growth and abundant green grass under the solar panels in the middle of summer (INRAE study 2020/2022)
  • Shade during hot weather for the well-being of the animals
  • A secure area against predators

Photosol guarantees

  • Guaranteed long-term recurring income shared between the owner and the farmer
  • An area under constant surveillance, maintenance carried out by our Photom teams
  • A team of agronomists dedicated to the development of agrivoltaic projects
  • A commitment to dismantle signed in the presence of a notary and the constitution of a dismantling guarantee to finance the cost

Your agricultural partner

As a pioneer of agrivoltaics, Photosol brings together agriculture and solar energy.

Our team of agrivoltaic experts will design the project with you, according to your requirements and expectations. Photosol is committed to you from the beginning of the project, throughout the operation of the photovoltaic park until its dismantling.

“Our experience of more than 10 years allows us to build ground-based power stations while enhancing the agricultural operation”
David Guinard, Co-founder of Photosol

What is agrivoltaism? | Photosol


44 year-old crop and sheep farmer in the Allier region

What is agrivoltaism? | Photosol


A young farmer in the Loir-et-Cher region

What is agrivoltaism? | Photosol


35 years old, arable crop farmer in Peyrilhac

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What is agrivoltaism? | Photosol
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