The stages of your project | Photosol

The stages of your project

Do you have an agrivoltaic project?

From the project initiation to the commissioning of the photovoltaic power station, your Photosol contact person will accompany you throughout the entire project.

We take care of all the administrative procedures and surveys, ensure maintenance and monitoring of production, dismantling at the end of the contract and the restoration of your land.

  • 1 -Signing of the commitment to lease

    The commitment to lease agreement is for a period of 4 years, giving Photosol the time to:

    • Obtain the building permit
    • Negotiate an electricity connection agreement with ENEDIS
    • Secure the sale of electricity and the financing of the site

    Your land remains available to continue your business until the work begins. The signing of the commitment to lease guarantees the availability of the land to Photosol for a solar farm project and the development of a comprehensive agricultural project.

  • 2 -Agricultural, environmental and landscape surveys

    For each project, we ensure that economic interests are combined with the preservation of your agricultural operation, the environment and the landscape. These surveys are compulsory to apply for a building permit, and allow the design of an agrivoltaic project adapted to the biodiversity and landscape features before the building permit application is drafted.

    The agricultural, environmental and landscape surveys are conducted simultaneously over a total period of 12 months.

    Preliminary agricultural survey, impact of the project on the agricultural environment (duration: 2 to 3 months)

    Supported by agricultural professionals, your project is created around your agricultural operation in order to preserve your business in a meaningful way. Depending on the requirements defined in conjunction with the agricultural experts, Photosol sets up and finances compensatory measures such as production investments (irrigation, processing tools, etc.) and investments in the local agricultural economy (creation of a collective sales point, a local supply chain, etc.).

    Environmental survey: preserve the biodiversity of your territory (Duration: 4 seasons)

    Fauna and flora surveys are carried out by a team of experts commissioned and financed by Photosol to analyse, understand and evaluate the biodiversity issues on your land.

    This phase of observation of the species and their behaviour (nesting, hunting, migration, etc.) in the defined area guides the potential installation of features (such as additional planting). This survey can be used to identify areas of land to be preserved where no photovoltaic panels will be installed.

    Landscape survey: integrate your project into the local landscape (Duration: 12 months)

    Landscape integration in the heart of your region is an important part of the development of your agrivoltaic project. We work with landscapers who create a sensitivity map based on 3 areas: living environment, traffic routes, cultural or sporting points of interest. This map facilitates a better visual integration of the photovoltaic power station in the local landscape.

  • 3 -Building permit

    The preparation of the building permit application takes into account the recommendations of the surveys as well as the technical and economic issues. Concerned with respecting a community-based approach, we consult all stakeholders (local authority, communauté de communes (inter-communal council), etc.) for more favourable acceptance of the project.

    The building permit application (including the environmental impact survey) is sent to the prefecture, together with the preliminary agricultural survey. All of these elements are submitted to the regulatory authorities (DDT, DREAL, SDIS, etc.).

    • The application and surveys are also presented to the CDPENAF Commission Départementale de Préservation des Espaces Naturels Agricoles et Forestiers (Departmental Commission for the Preservation of Natural Agricultural and Forestry Areas). This commission brings together local elected officials, the Chamber of Agriculture, several other agricultural unions and approved environmental protection associations. Its function is to give its opinion on the project and the Prefects are very careful to obtain a favourable opinion for the granting of the Building Permit. Photosol routinely involves the chambers of agriculture or agricultural unions in the development of the project to guarantee support of the agricultural operation.
    • The investigating commissioner conducts a public enquiry with local residents and then gives their opinion.
    • The final decision is taken by the prefecture, which authorises or refuses the permit by Prefectural Order.
    • As soon as the Prefectural Order is published, the building permit is posted in the town hall.

    It can take 12 to 20 months to process a building permit application.

    Experience shows that our values and ethics are appreciated by the territories: 95% of our submitted projects have obtained a building permit.

  • 4 -Connection to the local power grid

    The electricity produced by the photovoltaic power station is fed into the local electricity grid (ENEDIS or other) via a delivery station. The connection (route, schedule, cost, choice of service providers, etc.) is examined and subject to an agreement between Photosol and the local distributor before work begins.

    Establishing a connection agreement: 12 months

  • 5 -An electricity resale tariff

    Obtaining a resale price for the electricity is key to securing financing for the agrivoltaic power station. We give priority to resale at state-supported tariffs, via the calls for tender issued by the CRE, Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (French Energy Regulatory Commission).

    On average, this solution is more profitable and is guaranteed for a period of 20 years.

    Obtaining an electricity resale tariff: 12 months

  • 6 -Financing the project

    Photosol provides 100% of the project funding. You will not need to invest, and if you wish, we can also include you in the financing:

    • More than 80% of the cost of the project (which can exceed €700,000/ha) is provided by a bank loan, under the management of Photosol’s dedicated teams.
    • The rest is provided through participatory financing initiated by the Photosol Invest team, known for its citizen financing campaigns allowing everyone to contribute to the energy transition.
  • 7 -Signing the lease

    Once all previous steps have been completed, we sign a long-term lease of more than 30 years with the notary.

    At this point, Photosol has obtained all the necessary permits and financing: the construction of the photovoltaic power station can begin!

  • 8 -Signing of contracts for agricultural operation

    In order to comply with our commitment to maintain a significant agricultural operation and for the necessary management of the vegetation on the photovoltaic power station, we sign two contracts with the farmer:

    • A loan for use to give free access to the land to a farmer, who will then be able to carry out their agricultural operation
    • A service contract for the management of the vegetation, to control weeds and avoid shade on the panels. This contract compensates the farmer for their work.

    Therefore, a farmer who connects us with the owner of a piece of land that they farm, has access to the land free of charge without any rent, benefits from the equipment and the shade of the panels and is compensated for their farming operation. The compensation takes into account the loss of PAC aid.

  • 9 -Construction of the agrivoltaic power station

    1. Site preparation: installation of fences, earthworks (if necessary) and creation of access roads.
    2. Preparation of trenches and laying of cables.
    3. Assembly of the structures: these are adapted to the type and potential unevenness of the terrain.
    4. Installation of photovoltaic panels on structures.
    5. Finalisation of the wiring and electrical configuration.
    6. Installation of inverter-transformer stations and delivery stations.
    7. Installation of the 120m3 collapsible fire reservoir in accordance with regulatory and safety requirements.

    Estimated duration: 6 months (depending on the size of the project)

  • 10 -End of the lease: dismantling and restoration

    In the presence of a notary we commit to assume responsibility for the complete restoration of your land. The solar panels are collected free of charge by the recycler Soren, the steel of the structures and the copper of the cables are recyclable and reusable.

    Before the end of the lease we are committed to making adequate provision for the cost of dismantling work. At the end of the lease, you will have the choice to:

    • Renew your lease with Photosol
    • Request the dismantling and restoration of the land we will then use the money reserved to finance the operation
    • Take over the solar power station free of charge and delegate its operation (to Photosol for example or to another company)

    Duration: 6 to 12 months

The stages of your project | Photosol

Maintenance & Production Monitoring

Our Photom teams, a regional subsidiary of the Photosol group, carry out the following tasks for each of our photovoltaic stations:

  • Monitoring daily operations and production
  • Corrective maintenance (replacement of panels, cables etc)
  • Annual maintenance of structures (photovoltaic panels, paths, piles)
  • Surveillance and security of the site
An analysis and production monitoring office

The analysis of the production of each power station and its injection into the local network is continuously transmitted to our monitoring office, allowing us to detect technical requirements and to coordinate the activities of the regional maintenance teams.


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The stages of your project | Photosol
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