Photosol is expanding its offerings to include rooftop photovoltaic systems by acquiring the activities of Mobexi.

Photosol is expanding its offerings to include rooftop photovoltaic systems by acquiring the activities of Mobexi.

While the Senate has just passed a new regulation inviting industrial and commercial companies to cover their parking lots of more than 80 spaces with solar panels, Photosol, a subsidiary of the Rubis Group, is expanding its offering to photovoltaic roofs/canopies of less than 3 MWc by acquiring Mobexi’s activities. Thus, with all the skills in solar energy development, financing, construction, and operation, Photosol has established itself as a reference player in the sector with all types of solutions benefiting farmers, companies, and communities.

A strategy of expertise to meet everyone’s energy needs.

As a reference in the French solar energy production sector, Photosol has both expertise in ground-based and parking canopy installations and electricity resale services such as PPA or on-site self-consumption where possible. From project studies to maintenance and finally dismantling, Photosol is present throughout the value chain and has been working for 15 years with farmers, communities, and many commercial and industrial companies. Until now focused on large installations of over 3 MWc, the company has decided to extend its expertise to smaller projects that meet the need for rapid energy deployment to address the current crisis.

Thus, the integration of Mobexi’s activities brings Photosol’s capacity to develop, build, and operate photovoltaic installations from 100 kWc to 3000 kWc on new buildings, existing roofs, or even on parking lots that are expected to become a source of energy for their owners. With Mobexi’s teams joining, Photosol is able to offer rental/financing and operation solutions for installations that can generate revenue or on-site self-consumed energy at very low cost for owners.

“As local players, we are very happy to join forces to act together in favor of the energy transition. With complete solutions allowing for the installation of projects from 100 kWc, equivalent to about 500 m² of surface area,” says Thomas Aubagnac, Business Development Director at Photosol, “we will be able to provide our customers with sustainable tools to reduce their energy bills.”

“Joining a large group like Photosol marks a new turning point that will allow us to complement our expertise and support the realization and development of our projects, especially in Gers. We are delighted with the prospect of expanding the range of solar energy solutions to meet the strategic challenges of the energy transition in the agricultural, industrial and tertiary sectors on surfaces capable of accommodating 100 kWc to 3 MWc power plants,” adds Nicolas Ufferte, Managing Director of Mobexi.

In the midst of an energy crisis, Mobexi’s entry is an additional asset in the company’s development strategy. As a leader in solar energy production in France, Photosol now meets the need for rapid deployment of energy solutions on smaller projects for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors, and local communities.


Founded in 2008, Photosol is a photovoltaic energy producer specializing in large ground-mounted installations and shading structures. It joined the Renewables division of the Rubis group in 2022. In France, Photosol has an operating and under-construction portfolio of over 400 MWc, consisting of around sixty solar power plants, and a development portfolio of 3 GWc. Photosol’s ambition is primarily based on meeting the challenges of energy and ecological transition. Its activities contribute to the reappropriation of territories thanks to its expertise in exploiting brownfields and creating synergies with the agricultural world. In total, Photosol has around a hundred employees specializing in the development, acquisition, financing, operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Its headquarters, based in Paris, is complemented by maintenance centers in Arcachon, Moulins, and Romorantin/Salbris.


Rubis is an independent French group that has been operating at the heart of energy for over 30 years, providing sustainable and reliable access to energy for the widest possible audience. We thus meet the essential needs of mobility, cooking and heating of our individual customers, and supply the energy necessary for the operation of industries and professionals. With nearly 4,500 employees distributed across three geographical areas (Africa, the Caribbean and Europe), our Group is organized in a decentralized manner, allowing us to operate our activities as close as possible to local issues. Aware of the key contribution of the energy sector in the fight against climate change, Rubis diversifies its activities and offerings towards decarbonized solutions. Rubis is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. To learn more


Founded in 2018, Mobexi is a company that develops and constructs photovoltaic installations on all types of roofs (agricultural buildings, renovation of existing roofs, parking lot shading structures). Based in the Gers region, Mobexi has a team of 20 specialists in the design, construction, and maintenance of turnkey solar power plants.


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